two men and an orchestra

2010 - 42 min.

In the early nineteen eighties, Frans Brüggen started the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century. He was looking for ways to reinvent the sound of 18th and early 19th Century music, by performing the music on authentic instruments.
From 23 different countries, he gathered top musicians. Most of them stayed through the years.

Frans Brüggen and director/friend Sieuwert Verster are the pillar of the orchestra. Without these two men the orchestra wouldn't exist.

As a conductor, Brüggen is far from perfect. However, by some musical magic, he creates a 'golden sound' with the musicians. Nobody understands how it works. Sir Simon Rattle once conducted the orchestra, and it sounded fine, but the typical musical glow didn't appear. "That is Frans."


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direction - Paul Cohen & Martijn van Haalen
camera - Paul Cohen
sound - Martijn van Haalen
editor - Stella van Voorst van Beest
sound editor - Hugo Dijkstal
producer - NTR TV