The Winners

1996 - 85 min.

Winner 1ste prize Long Documentary, Nyon - Publieksprijs Nyon - Noordzuid Trofee, Gent - nomination 'Gouden Kalf'

Young pianists and violinists test their mettle at many different competitions, striving for money and fame. The very top of prestigious testing grounds is the Queen Elisabeth Concours in Brussels, the benchmark for all competitions.

The Queen Elisabeth Competition is to music what the Olympic Games are to sports.
But what happens to the winners afterwards? Is the life of a laureate a fairy tale? Or does the glory of prize-winning soon fade into oblivion?

Take the violin genius Philippe Hirshhorn, winner in 1967: he just was too big a perfectionist, and wasn't proof against the pressure of a top career. His former friend Gidon Kremer, who 'only' won the third prize, did establish a career.

This film is about the difference between talent and success.


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paul cohen
paul cohen

director - Paul Cohen
research & interviews - David van Tijn
camera - Paul Cohen
sound - Hugo Helmond, Menno Euwe
editor - Jan Overweg
production - Nellie Kamer
producer - VPRO televisie