The Saved

1998 - 90 min.

Winner Gouden Beeld; Winner Comenius Award, Vienna

Seven hundred Jews were packed together, in a castle in Barneveld, Holland.

One of the survivors says: "Those were happy days". Really – in 1943, when the razzia's were at their height?

The 'Barneveld Group' survived the war thanks to the only list that actually protected against deportation to concentration camps. Only those who had been 'meritorious' for the state of Holland had a chance to be put on this highy desired list.

More than half a century later, most of these 'elitists' still suffer of guilt – because they did survive, and the others did not.

But who would not have grabbed the chance?


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The Saved
The Saved

director - Paul Cohen
scenario, interviews - Oeke Hoogendijk
production - Eddy Wijngaarde, Odusseia Producties
camera - Paul Cohen
sound - Marc Wessner, Erik Leek, Martijn van Haalen
editor - Hans van Dongen