(2014 - 52')

On 13 February 1945 the conductor Hartmut Haenchen was nearly two years old when Dresden went up in flames after colossal bombings by the Allies. From a basement window the young Haenchen saw how the skies of his city were on fire. Growing up among the debris he managed to develop his musical talent under the discipline of a strict GDR system. The Stasi, the Secret Service, kept a tab on him for many years: a youthful political sin dogged his steps for so long that he was nearly prevented to become the international top conductor he is now.

More than thirty years later Haenchen was allowed to see his Stasi files. To his bewilderment he discovered not only who spied on him at the time, but also the exact moments when he and his girlfriend got onto trams. He came to the Netherlands in 1986 and since then his success has not stopped growing.


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The Skies over Dresden
The Skies over Dresden

director - Paul Cohen and Martijn van Haalen
camera - Paul Cohen
sound - Martijn van Haalen
editor - Gys Zevenbergen and Paul Cohen
audio editor - Michel Schöpping and Vincent Cinceretti
correction: Jef Grosfeld
editor NTR: Oscar van der Kroon
producer: Paul Cohen / CPS FILMS