Stephan Lorant, Man in Pictures

1997 - 50 min.

Winnaar Speciale Juryprijs, Banff - nominatie Gouden Kalf

Ninety-seven years old Stephan Lorant is being called 'the godfather of photojournalism'.

In the early nineteen twenties, the new Leica miniature camera brought about a revolution in photography.

Lorant reaped the fruits and publicized the unposed snapshots, which had been impossible to take until then. In fact, he was the inventor of the modern illustrated magazine.

Especially his brainchild 'The Picture Post', which had millions of readers during the thirties, is bursting with his visual virtuosity.

Famous photographers such as Robert Capa, Andre Kertész en Brassaï found in The Picture Post their ideal platform.

Very old but still razor-sharp, Lorant is full of interesting stories about his exclusive encounters with personalities such as Marlene Dietrich, Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill.


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Stephan Lorant, Man in Pictures
Stephan Lorant, Man in Pictures

director & scenario - Paul Cohen
producer - Eddy Wijngaarde, Odusseia Pictures
camera - Peter de Kock
sound - Hugo Helmond
editor - Rinze Schuurmans
production - Marijke van der Molen