Part Time God

1992 - 80 min.

'Part Time God' is a visual essay about the seeming paradox between chance and free will in human life.

With ironic undertones, intense human drama is combined with apparent random images and philosophical comment. The scenes come to us via the touch-screen of an omnipresent computer, ruled by a 'divine' hand.

In this way, we encounter an artist from New York who suffers from breast cancer, a grape-picking young man in France who is desperately in love, or a nuclear fysicist who is experimenting with the smallest particles in our existence.


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Part Time God
Part Time God

direction & scenario - Paul Cohen
production - De Nieuwe Unie, Rolf Orthel
camera - Paul Cohen
sound - Hugo Helmond
music - Henny Vrienten
editor - Sytse Kramer
production - Frank van Reemst / Evelyn Voortman