2013 - 30 min.

Actors are overly self-conscious, unsure of themselves, affected, vain and always thinking about their image. They are never 'real'. Documentary makers have a swearword: 'Actor!', for in a documentary people should be 'real' and not acting.
But is this really true? What is 'real'? And if 'acting' is not real, what is its impact on the actor's psyche? "It does not leave you unaffected", says actor Hans Kesting in this film.

This film was made at the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Holland's leading theatre company. The rehearsals for the play Husbands (based on the John Cassavetes film) are the backbone of a documentary which offsets acting as a profession against its influence on the actor's life.

With Halina Reijn, Hans Kesting, Roeland Fernhout, Barry Atsma and Ivo van Hove


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directors - Paul Cohen en Martijn van Haalen
camera - Paul Cohen
sound - Martijn van Haalen
editor - Gys Zevenbergen
soundmix - Huibert Boon en Alex Booy
produced by - IDTV / NTR TV