Dutch Heroes

2000 - 55 min.

Winner Gouden Kalf.

A young artist wins a big art prize with a conceptual project about his parents' divorce.

His mother plays the lead. Together, they gain a lot of admiration in the art world.

The reviled father, last in a lineage of seacaptains, does not understand how his son could sink so deep, let alone the art project, in which he is displayed as the bogeyman.

His second wife - stepmother of the celebrated artist - flies into a rage about the hot air and the Emperor's new clothes.


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Dutch Heroes
Dutch Heroes

direction - Paul Cohen & Martijn van Haalen
production - VPRO tv
camera - Paul Cohen
sound - Martijn van Haalen
montage - Govert Janse
production - Margriet Kreulen en Ineke van Gulik
sound editor- Harold Jalving